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I, in my capacity as the occupier of M/S ONEIRO CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED declare the company’s commitment, that Environment, Health and Safety of the employees and is a matter of prime concern to the company. The company reiterates its intentions as under.

  • To comply with the statutory and non statutory provisions by ensuring following high priority to Environment, Health and Safety control programe and integrate the Environment, health and safety aspect in all decisions.
  • To ensure that technology absorbed, assimilated, upgraded and developed by the company lays emphasis on Environment, Health and Safety aspects in and around the work place.
  • To ensure continuous improvement in Environment, Health and Safety aspects by carrying out safety Audit, Risk assessment, Hazop studies and providing resume in annual report.
  • Organize training programe on regular basis to educate employees (including contractor employees), contract workers and contractor, sub contractor, transporter, as they are reposibile for Environment, Health and Safety aspect.
  • Ensure the codification of safety standard and extend service to parties associated with the company on safety aspects.
  • Recognize and appriciate contributions made by individul while they are at work towards Environment, Health and Safety aspects. And at the time of recruitment and career advancement too.

Date : 01.04.2016
Place : Ekalbara, Vadodara.

Dushyant D. Patel